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The Business Book For Transforming Your ORg Chart

Do you sometimes feel we are using grand father’s tools when it comes to org charts?

Are you wondering about how to capture and visualize the ever-changing complexity in your organization? 

You are not alone, and your peers are discovering that the old way we thought about org charts has, or will soon go the way of the dinosaur.

Modern organizations are much more complex than the two-dimensional capture solutions we are taught and currently forced to follow.

We address this complexity by: 1) Recognizing 21st-century organizational demands, our reality and 2) using modern software tools, and 3) by not oversimplifying, leaving off key components or limiting ourselves because our capture tool (the org chart) only operates in two dimensions. 

Learn how to get your head around the future and create clarity and consistency in your organization with a fresh view of your organizational chart using an organizational graph.

Person – Job – Position – Team – Meeting – Entity – Workflow – Process – System – Objective – Key Result – Skill