Organizational Structure Book Cover

The Business Book For Organizational Structure

Do you sometimes feel we are using outdated thinking when it comes to 21st-century organizational structure?

You are not alone, and your peers are challenging the status quo too, discovering that the old models we use to think about org structure has, or will soon go the way of the dinosaur.

Like you, they have studied Matrix Organizations, Functional Organizations, Accountability Charts, Process Aligned Orgs, Org Charts, etc.  and they see that none of these two-dimensional models address their corporate structure challenges adequately.

Modern organizations are much more complex than the two-dimensional thinking solutions we are taught and currently forced to follow.

Learn how to address this complexity by adopting a new perspective that leverages modern software solutions to organize how we function in our org structure.

Learn how to create clarity and consistency in your organization with a fresh view of your organizational structure.

Person – Job – Position – Team – Meeting – Entity – Workflow – Process – System – Objective – Key Result – Skill